Thursday 6 October 2016 – Colectivo By The Lake

Or whatever it's called—in the pumping station, or whatever it is—anyway, a great idea for a coffee shop, and places should do more stuff like this—put coffee shops in old industrial buildings—well, there are more, aren't there—but there can be more, because it's a great idea. Best coffee shop in town, for the building/space.

I just left my dentist, Michael DeWan, for check-up and filling—it went well! I'm happy about that dentist, and happy to get it over with—I told them—next year!—so now I'm feeling 100% better than I felt yesterday. I'd feel even better if it wasn't so fucking hot everywhere and I wasn't always sweating like a pig! It's humid, it's been raining a lot. It's going to rain more.

There have been upheavals with my work—the REX app, etc. I don't want to go into it, but I need to seriously look for a job and I keep putting it off, so that's kind of bad. I just need to put in some time job hunting and I'll feel better, even if there are no results for awhile. Dentist over! So I'll go home and do some of that now and maybe get started on cleaning. I seriously need to do some cleaning.

The other thing I was just thinking is I was feeling desperate to get out of Milwaukee—after Frankie left and all the movie work is done—but there's plenty I love about Milwaukee (and plenty I don't love) and moving is a huge pain. But just having a doctor, health insurance (for now), found a dentist I like, the possibility of an eye doctor (that's next), and a print shop (Clark Graphics is still open) if I finally do a new zine (my goal). Good reasons to stay. But the reason to go is to start a new life—hopefully a-fresh, a-new. At least hope.

So when I went to this birthday party for Sara (Z) last week—it was kind of monumental in that it was the first time I did something social like that with a group in a long time. It was like uniformly fun, comfortable—a small group and I liked all of them. But besides that nice feeling, these are actually friends, and nice people. So that's promising!