Friday 7 October 2016

I'm at the Bollywood Grill—on a Friday that feels like winter just came in. Not really—but dark skies and wind. It pretty much feels like summer, generally, leaves are all still green, and it's been pretty warm, and raining a lot. I came over here impulsively—need to get out. I might go to the art museum later. I'm working on JOB HUNTING now—changing my resume, all that. I'm going to try a job website (Indeed) and then some local stuff (Manpower) and then keep an eye on Craigslist for the stuff that's not scams—and see if I can get a job from those sources just by sending concise and sane resume to the maximum number of places possible. Oh, I guess I should update that goddamn LinkedIn, too—I suppose the idea is to make my internet presence seem more sane rather than more insane. I've been really putting it off, for no good reason—just stupid—and also been putting off cleaning—when it's not hard (cleaning) and makes you feel good. I've also been putting off writing my novel (Frisland/K2) (for which this is the notebook). I guess it sounds like I've been putting off everything (doing collage and drawing, too!) Worthless! But I have been working on my long Coen Brothers article, which is a daunting task by anyone's standards. Writing about 17 films in one article! So when that's done, it will free up some time and energy! Also, I just got the gallon of glue I ordered, and I said when that came I'd start in on collage again. So maybe tonight. (I worked on sewing monkeys the last football day—last Saturday, and that made me feel good, actually.)

Yesterday I went to the dentist for 6 month check-up and a filling—it was really pleasant—so at least I'm feeling good about the dentist thing (which I wasn't, back at the beginning of this year. That's kind of a nice thing—getting that off my mind!) After the dentist I was in a good mood so I went to a coffee shop (the Colectivo—old pumping station—the best!) and had an espresso and wrote in my carry-around notebook—the small red one—and finished it! Notebook filled—I was writing about secret things—desires and crush stuff—which I won't here because I feel silly and stupid—and worried about losing notebooks with embarrassing stuff—and even kind of superstitious—though I don't have much hope for anything to work out, ever—romantically, anyway.

This notebook is an absolute mess! I should always do a back to front thing—but didn't here! The back is all my Mexican restaurant notes, and the front is Frisland and then journal, and then Frisland again, and journal—back and forth. I guess it's okay. I sure like my notebooks—but it's exciting to finish one, like I did yesterday.