Friday 16 September 2016

I'm at the Pleasant Kafe on a still hot, still summer Friday, with my small red notebook which I started (almost) here, (first time I was here) in March 2015. The time has evaporated the last couple of years. That's okay—I've gotten a little done—not as much as I'd like—but then when do I ever?

I was just at the office for the mail, but then didn't feel like going to the gym—so I came over here on a short walk. Not enough exercise today, but I'll do pushups when I get home, I promise. Then work on some writing. I'm feeling bad because I didn't look for jobs all week—I hate job hunting. But everyone must hate it, right? I'm going to look at what I wrote here, before. Well, I started out by by making it a fictional journal for a character (Robert Harmon), but that soon fell away—and then a year went by, and like six months ago I started writing in this notebook regularly, and was talking about wanting to work on my Coen Brothers article, and also working on the Iris part of my novel (K2)—and now I'm finally getting back to both of those things. What happened? Time? Summer? Hot summer? I have been working, the REX work I do, I suppose, takes up more time and energy (especially energy) every day, more than I think.

Interesting people in here, though all dudes (and it's pretty empty) (it's 3 in the afternoon). Anyway, I was just looking at my entry for when I ate at Empire of China (only time since I've been back living here) and this guy came in, young hipster, and he was talking about going to Emperor of China, and he said they have a special Chinese menu if you ask for it. I love that kind of thing. But unfortunately, for me, it gets into the soy sauce dilemma (because of wheat gluten in soy sauce), but still, maybe it's worth a try.