Tuesday 20 September 2016 – from Dream Notebook No. 2

The expression came to me: “Deep Dream”—about a dream that seems to go way back and extend a lot of time... This one, when I woke up, it took awhile to remember it was a dream. It was all about me having some kind of an affliction where I had to regularly intravenously inject something. It was exactly like a diabetic, but never mentioned as diabetic in the dream... I would have a physical crash—be messed up, then inject something in my arm and be okay. It was long and very real! Can't remember most of it now—the details. There were new people and places. Very intense and real. The last part, I had woke from a nap feeling crappy, and a person (friend? girlfriend? doctor? ) talked on the phone, said don't wait to feel really bad before injecting, etc. and I was thinking—I can't even imagine it now—like when you are at the place where something you do every day suddenly seems alien—and it was because I was walking up for real—and it was all a dream.