Wednesday 14 September 2016

I'm at the Plaza Cafe for breakfast—doing some REX paperwork—(not counted in my hours, but there is always paperwork—that in a regular job would be part of the job). Anyway, I decided to put some more journal entries in the back (or front, whatever) of this notebook—old orange notebook #20—which I've been using since the beginning of 2014! Can that be right? The last 2 or 3 years have really melted away. I'm afraid it's the beginning of the end. It's that point where the skydiver whose parachute doesn't open starts to really notice that the ground is rushing near—which means there are only seconds left.

But the good thing with my notebooks lately is that I'm using 11 or 12 supplemental notebooks along with this main one—and putting journal stuff in them. It might be hard to keep track of later, but maybe by then I'll be dead, and then someone else can either deal with it or totally ignore it! Or—I'll still be typing out these journal notebooks, and I'll just enjoy tracking down the various daily journals in chronological order. At lest I'm a lot more organized now than I was in 1997, the time of which I'm currently typing out those old journals—and it's kind of an unruly mess. Ten of the notebooks I'm using are for my novel-in-progress—K2—and I'm putting some journal entries in them. (The idea is to, when I go somewhere, carry only one notebook at a time!)

The notebook I've been using most lately for journals is this small red one (very small) (20A?—or something). I can actually fit it in my back pocket—and of course it's light—so that's a big plus! But it's almost full—so I'm going to have to decide, when it's full, whether to start yet another (light, small) notebook to replace it! Also—I'm planning on retiring this notebook at the end of this year—and starting a big, new notebook (#21)!