Tuesday 13 September 2016

I'm at Xankia for lunch—it's 1:30pm and there are six parties here—total of 13 people—which is kind of surprising—I thought it'd be empty—I'm glad people are here! For one, this is a place I want to exist (not enough pho I can walk to) and it's nice when people are around—it's way past Milwaukee lunchtime (which is 11, 11:30—and all these people are on break from work, it looks like—except for maybe two dudes). Everyone is eating sandwiches which I'm sure are really good Vietnamese sandwiches (except one dude eating soup). I'm, of course, eating Pho, my favorite of all dishes—which I eat way too seldom. (I saw a recommendation for a pho place (Pho 88, I think) in Chicago, on the REX app this morning. Which made me think of coming here. This is not a bad space to sit—it's fast-foodish and order at counter—but still has a kind of odd personality (without trying). It's okay—the group of six left—six kids in their twenties—three men, three women—I'm almost certain they are coming from a job—but where? No uniforms, casual dress, I bet they are in the tech industry somewhere. I did a bad job of eavesdropping.