Sunday 11 September 2016

Sunday Project—no—I'm not going out to breakfast this Sunday, so no Sunday Project—I got a late start—I'm at home—I'm going to do a little on the computer and then go for a walk/do errands—I guess I don't even feel like going to breakfast today for whatever reason (almost always feel like it). But not today—so much better to spend that $12 (what breakfast costs these days) on a day when I feel like going somewhere for breakfast/or lunch and writing (which might well be tomorrow). Anyway, today is 9/11—obviously, and the unforgettable anniversary—but 15 years—hard to believe—it's also (yesterday) two years since Cindy died—also hard to believe. I don't like thinking about that too much—but it's making me want to avoid people (also social media versions of people) and I'm instead thinking about eulogies and how a lot of people consider them important. Maybe they are—but I don't ever ever want to write/perform a eulogy.