Friday 29 July 2016

I'm at La Fuente, 625 S. 5th Street, after I walked for one and a half hours, trying to decide where to eat. (Or if I was.) I walked down to Mitchell Street and was really impressed with how sad some of he neighborhoods are—just pretty depressing and grim—and even though there are a lot of Mexican places on the South Side—they are spread way out—at least for a walker—it's really car zone here—I was like the only on walking most of where I walked—very lonely. And it's 70 degrees, Friday—great day to be out—and no one is! Kind of depressing. So finally I made my way back to La Fuente—I'm sure I've been here, but couldn't really remember. So now is the time. I had al pastor tacos—very saucy, tasty, onion and cilantro and lime—very good! With rice and beans--$11.41 with tax. Big lunch—I took pics (a lot of food). I can write my review—it's a popular gringo spot with huge outdoor dining—good music. Big bar and TVs, OK music, very popular, but solid.