Sunday 24 July 2016

I'm at El Comedor (1039 W. National at 11th) on a very humid day—when I went out it didn't seem too hot, but by the time I hit National it was like I entered a HEAT SINK (whatever that is—it sounds good). But I didn't feel that hot—but when I came in this place it was like I'd climbed out of a pond! Anyway, this place is great—big and spacious—kind of fast-foodish with crap tables (same ones as Mykonos). It's comfortable—and yuppie-free. Nice atmosphere, really. I got too much food! I couldn't decide. Huaraches are featured—but I want breakfast, since that's what I set out for (decided to skip Pfister, skipped Zak's, and Sunday Project). So I got huevos con chorizo—since that's what I used to get all the time at Lopez Bakery. It's good, not spectacular. Anyway, I think I could order better next time—the good part—they make corn tortillas here—they are big and good—four came with breakfast—too much food! *Must return to try more stuff to properly review.