Thursday 14 July 2016 – Vagabond Tacos

“High School Art Class” by Chet Faker (Music I didn't like on the DJ system.) $2 taco Tuesday/Thursday (like BelAir in many respects) only a few select tacos are $2 – chips are not gluten-free—fried with other fried stuff! (8305 N Regent Road – No idea why this address is here in my notebook!) The waitress—great—really nice, checked on gluten-free stuff—like she really cared! It's more of a bar, really—Winnebagos (or fake Winnebagos?) used in the décor. (This is my second visit—first was with Doug.) Much the same—tacos are too busy, too many ingredients, not enough tortilla. Atmosphere sucks—Water Street bar, essentially, it is. Food too busy, but still tasty, and the $2 deal is cool (wish it included rice and beans).