Saturday 30 July 2016 – Maxfield's Pancake House

It's been awhile since I've been to Maxfield's. I had a flat tire on my old bike—but even more—I don't know really... too hot... too much REX work? Anyway, it was nice to get my tire fixed easily and cheaply last week, and nice to ride a bike! Still two solid months of good bike weather, plus, maybe October, maybe even November. I got my stuff ready for the IRS yesterday (to dispute a claim that I owe them $), not that hard—took only an hour—but the anxiety around the whole fiasco can't be underestimated. I woke up this morning full of anxiety—couldn't go back to sleep—out of sorts—why? Bad dreams, for one thing—have to get away from the dreams—buy why? Why bad ones? Most likely anxiety, it's this IRS stuff—but also, just REX stuff in general—I can't tell if it's just dying a horrible death—or if it's moving right along—working for Chris in general—I can't tell if he's happy about it or not, or indifferent—no communication. Maybe it's me, not writing enough, which I displace? Anyway, I'm not real happy with a lot of the REX work—and not happy with the pay. Maybe if I get my shit together—write, do art, and then find a job—maybe more $—maybe everything else will fall into place.

(Note: Word for possible use in K2 structure: PREDICATE—It might be a stretch, but read about the word and meaning—it certainly can be a bad band name and a weird ship name.)