Saturday 16 April 2016

I'm at the Prime Minister Family Restaurant in Thiensville on about the first nice day we've had—and I took my old bike to the Bikesmith bike shop yesterday and got a new back rim, instead of fixing the spokes—not much more to do that $—to fix spokes and replace rim—similar price—so whole new rim. I took it in Thursday—then today already they called—while I was trying to figure out what I'm gonna to do—go to a movie or a walk or to office—so I walked up there—and got bike. Then on a test ride—it feels very comfortable—so I started riding up north—thought I'd try to go to Maxfield's, if I could make it up there—and then I decided to try out the new trail thru Whitefish Bay—and it's amazing! It cuts a diagonal up to the Brown Deer Trail—it's a major shortcut and all on trails! So I got carried away and came all the way up to Thiensville, to the Prime Minister—and I'm having big lunch special—roast pork on sauerkraut with potatoes and corn and salad and rice pudding! For $8.99.