Sunday 24 April 2016 – Sunday Project

I'm at the Pfister Cafe for breakfast on a Sunday as part of the Sunday Project! Maybe I was supposed to use a different notebook—it's going to be a challenge later (probably will never happen) (looking up the dates, and putting them in chronological order—since I'm using 12 notebooks simultaneously!)

It's funny, at one time I felt I kind of had a dilemma about my Sunday Project—like, is it part of the journal—or separate from? As if, anyone is going to read them anyway! Anyway, now—the way I'm going to deal with my notebooks, as in use them—is to put them totally in chronological order... from earliest up to this I'm writing right now (& the future)... going back to... I don't know really—and extending through all the years, writing a lot of years and not writing much of the time, I guess!

So—I've been working on my new website—it's been kind of a trial—just the indecision—fear of the unknown—terror of technology—etc. But I finally feel like I've gotten somewhere and the website is live—I decided to just get a new domain name, even——which I'll try to keep ongoing—we'll see. Anyway, the part of this new website I'm most excited about for whatever reason is the journal part—which I'm calling (for now)—Memoir (just because it's not, and that's funny). Probably the journal part is least interesting to anyone on the site, but most interesting to me. That's okay! I am starting with my 1972 trip to Florida/Autotrain notebook! Which I still have—after that—do I have any school journals? I don't know—what will be next? What do I still have? Will the Garbage Memo work its way in? Trips across the country? NYC 1985? We'll see what I can find. (I might continue my blog/Notebook Journals project, simultaneously, too—just to have a little more.) Oh, and 1989.

As far as the Sunday Project, here at the Pfister, more of the same—a decent place to sit, perfect for this project—really—though the place is really kind of full of dull people...