Saturday 7 May 2016

I'm switching around notebooks a lot—hoping that will inspire me and also get me to work on my new novel—K2—as I have ten K2 notebooks that can also function as daily journals. Plus, this extra carry-around journal, a little one, which is nice because it fits in a pocket of a jacket—so it's nice if I'm traveling light.

Anyway, I'm at Anne Leplae's house cat-sitting for this cute boy cat, Patty, who is dark orange/brown tabby—on an orange tabby/light/dark scale—it's like this: lighter—KO—Louis—Patty—darker (three orange cats). I'm over here in Shorewood, a nice neighborhood—kind of treating this as a vacation (with no cessation in work—but that's okay—work for Chris—since it's part-time, for sure—20 to 25 hours a week). So this is kind of interesting, being over here. Today is: Day 4—of Shorewood vacation (Day 1 being May 4, when I came over). Now I'm going to look at my last entry (in this notebook, anyway) and see how my to do list is going.