Friday 13 May 2016

I'm at Maxfield's Pancakes on Friday, same as last Friday—kind of crazy—I didn't realize it was Friday I was here last. It's a really nice morning—the air is clear and smells good—low humidity—which always makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I'm still cat-sitting for Anne's cat, Patty, and so I'm kind of feeling on vacation still for that reason anyway. I had to go back home last two days for details and stuff, tax lady (Glenda), office mail, etc.—so I rode my bike last two days—not a ton, but it feels like good exercise—after Tuesday—when it rained all day and I stayed inside (should've got out—at least briefly—should never stay in all day).

I talked to Nick yesterday about Talkhouse stuff—it's nice it's still a possibility—but it comes down to—I have to write stuff! Can I even fucking write anything anymore—or should I just give it up? It was so hot in here I took my shirt off! Ha! That helped—then they turned the AC on.