Friday 6 May 2016

I'm at Maxfield's Pancake House—first time of the season! Everything is the same here—that's good. I've been cat sitting for Anne Leplae—her cat Patty—since Wednesday—I guess this is Day 3—it already seems like longer! Things like “going somewhere new,” moving somewhere, or vacations—the time is always weighted on the beginning—that is, the first day is epic—the next day is, too—and then time speeds up and you're right back to speedy time as usual. Why is that?

Anyway, it's interesting being in Shorewood—totally different feeling than my house, my neighborhood. You wouldn't think so. The first day, Wednesday, I rode over in the afternoon, got settled, and then went to Benji's (two blocks away!) for lunch. Then yesterday I went back home, got some more stuff—on my bike—and then later took a long walk up to Whitefish Bay Library. It's amazing how little I know the area! I've driven around there a lot, but not walked. I guess people who just drive all the time, never walk, just don't know their home!