Thursday 4 February 2016

No human contact today except discussing with Jeff his idea for Buddy Holly movie—it's good—afraid someone might have thought of it—but hell—no one's done it yet, I know of.

Anyway: One. If you feel like eating somewhere—go alone and write. Two. Joan Didion—Georgia O'Keefe article (in White Album book)—made me look at G. O'Keefe paintings differently. (A lot at art museum.) Three. Listen to B. Easton Ellis/National singer, Matt B.—I should play music—might be important to do so. Four. The Doughnuts—Table of Contents—Don't need it in book—first that occurred to me (reading self-pub. Book). 5. Should keep name Randy Russell for author name, domain name (unless I'm in total hiding) (I'm not famous—need all the help I can get—and probably try Wordpress for website—or website—can I keep domain name? That might be criteria—or get a new randyrussell site name? *(probably am holding on to old website 'cause Cindy made it—time to let it go!) *Most important part of new website: Notebook Journals! Other criteria: hosting options—connected? Ease? + price. Simple/photos/+”blog.” Not fancy.

+screenplay – Heist/carnival: 1. Bearded Lady (man). 2. Old crusty hustler/magician – games. 3. Clown – happy. 4. Dude – ventriloquist – tall. Nightclub singer – woman. Police Detective – man or woman? Private eye – sleazy – man or woman?