Saturday 6 February 2016

I'm at the Pfister Hotel Cafe, which is actually bigger than I recall. Breakfast on Saturday. Open 'til 2pm (close)—weekdays is probably earlier, Sunday is brunch—(not sure if you can get regular breakfast on brunch day). It's really a pretty comfortable place—and not too stuffy—really, no more expensive than the Plaza—maybe smaller portions. Though really—the Plaza is nicer! I wonder what is happening with the Astor Cafe, if that'll ever be a place to go again—or that other place down the street—Knickerbocker—I should check that out—and the Irish place, early. (And I should go there for dinner sometime.)

I had some kind of weird, undefined dream that seemed to be influenced by the movie I saw yesterday, Hail, Caesar! The movie made me excited about The Doughnuts—especially the next part—The Conways—all that! So I should get to work on that! And quit being afraid of the process—I've done it before and I can probably take it down and change it! Okay—also--my dream made me think about my screenplay idea/heist movie, etc. So! Work on that! Need: title!!!