Saturday 30 January 2016

I'm at Ma Fischer's for breakfast on Saturday, last Saturday in January—it's a zoo here today—but no one at the counter, so the counter is nice. It's spring-like outside so everyone has gone nutso, outside—driving, of course, no one ever walking—well, a few. It's not that warm, upper 30s, sun came out.

I can't figure out if I've been depressed or not—I guess feeling okay—it's dead of winter, after all—a lot inside, a lot dark, not enough exercise—but anyway—I've been getting done some writing—that's something—not enough—some reading—not enough—going to movies—plenty. I'm trying to figure out how to make a website—how to publish Kindle stuff—it's kind of overwhelming—plus, all this doctor stuff—dentist—eye doctor—too much to do. Why do I have so much less time?

People have been complaining about too little time my whole life—I remember when Jacquie or Sally said something to that effect—wish they had more time (it was like a revelation to me at the time). But I was what, like seven?

You have to ask yourself—if this is always a problem—always a lament—then it is the norm—so why not just accept it as things are and not have it be a problem? Which is probably what most people do! Just think about what I do get done and do more and be happy about that and think about what I want to do in a positive way—I guess what maybe most people do is think short sided—and about less big ass work projects—oh, well—change the way I think! It's possible—not easy.

Dave Wilner contacted me from Minneapolis—where he moved. Trying to get into a dialogue with him about Minneapolis! That might be fun. Maybe he will visit Milwaukee—and I can take the train up to Minneapolis!