Sunday 14 August 2016

I'm at Maxfield's Pancake House on Sunday morning, earlier than usual, which is nice—it's still full of people—it's bustling. I almost came here yesterday—but decided it was too rainy and humid—then forgot to go to the Farmer's Market—I went to the office, but didn't go to the gym—went to a frozen yogurt place—which was kind of fun—and then walked more and listened to podcasts. I worked on my website (Notebook Journals) and a Mexican restaurant review—and I did REX stuff in the evening, and I watched the Olympics (surprisingly good so far—especially beach volleyball, swimming, and track—2 really good 10,000 meter races). Later in the day I heard about another police shooting, and by night there were riots. There has got to be a better way than shooting people. I don't know—why does it keep happening? What if you had police have NO guns (just maybe SWAT teams—for like hostage situations) and have less cars—and hire more police—so save money on guns and cars (and especially the aftermath of shootings) and put money into greater numbers and more training (because they can't be beating people to death, either)—I'm sure my idea will go over really well. I guess what I should do is move to another country—there has to be someplace better. Anyway, you can see stuff like that coming—it's the hottest days of summer—and then people are cooped up because it's raining—and then people are also freaked out because it's so hard to find a job (it's always hard—even when the economy is good—so even harder when it's bad—and it always makes you feel helpless). So—things build up, then they explode. You look around, and because wealth is so flaunted, it really creates confusion. I'm confused, I know that.