Sunday 14 August 2016 – from Dream Notebook No. 2

Very realistic dream about shopping at a big sale, like a church sale or something, that is all African-American—this, after an evening reading about riots going on in Milwaukee; burning some stuff down—after another police shooting in Milwaukee. Anyway, I don't know what this sale is, or the community, or what city, but it's all very positive, people are nice—and I'm buying some shoes and a 1970s hat—but the main thing—a giant plastic cow—like something that would go in front of a restaurant, like a dairy farm place—or cheese or ice cream restaurant. And a guy is donating his trailer to attach to my van (or borrowed van?) to carry the cow back to where I live (somewhere like Cleveland?) and I'm kind of skeptical—how am I going to drive this thing? And then how will I get the trailer back to the guy?— but someone, maybe Peter? (who is helping me load it) says the guy doesn't necessarily want the trailer back.