Sunday 21 August 2016

I'm at Ma Fischer's on Sunday—for, yes, Sunday Project! It's funny—in my old notebooks—once I started “Sunday Project” I was keeping it separate from my other journals. But now—going back and typing those journals, I want to put it all in chronological order—so that was a mistake. (Of course, now I'm writing journals in several different notebooks—so it will eventually be a challenge to type them all in chronological order.) (That is, if the journals, and I, and the project of typing them survives.) Another weird thing about the old ones—sometimes I had these ongoing projects of writing fiction in my journals—so now I am faced with the decision to include that or not—and how to approach it, etc. Anyway, this is one of the projects I'm now working on—I put all my old notebooks together—(and there are like 80 or so!) and I'm going through them, typing them, and putting them in in a blog—or will—two—one on my website, and one a Blogger blog (one starts in 1972—the other 1995—so they're like 20 years apart and 20 and 40 years ago!). I have no idea if anyone will ever what to read these—I don't care! However, one thing that is interesting to me is that I basically am doing the same thing as my first journal I kept when I was 12! (Maybe there was an earlier one, but it's lost.) And then when I was 16 I was doing a fictional story in my daily journal. I have changed a lot, of course, and I also haven't changed.

Well, it's a fun project, reading these, and typing them (I probably would never have just read them)—so that is that. I'm kind of learning a lot—actually—remembering things I totally forgot. Kind of exciting! Well, besides that I'm reading a lot lately, which is making me happy. It's been really hot—(mostly humid) just killer—so—and today is the first day it felt better—great weather! Various crises lately—trying to deal with them, and maybe doing OK—maybe not—won't go into it. I feel my mental state is kind of fragile—maybe cool weather will help. Ma Fischer's is still exactly the same—and now I am going to go next door to the Oriental for a movie.