Sunday 4 September 2016 – Labor Day Weekend – Sunday Project

I'm at Ma Fischer's on a Sunday—it's Sunday—still summer (it's so funny how people all want to make summer over when August is over—and it doesn't remotely feel like fall yet, or even un-summer—but I guess it's more about a back-to-school thing) (Ha). Thinking about back so school—when was the last time I was, myself, going back to school? It was, yes, 1986, when Beth and I lived in Columbus and I think both went to OSU—it was my last quarter of college ever, and kind of disastrous—I was freaked out by it—not happy being in classes—ended up skipping classes and dropping out after the fall quarter. It sucked—and I vowed never to go back to school again. Anyway, since it's 2016 now, that was 30 years ago! (And 38 years since I since I started college—also OSU—in 1978.) I just listened to the first Ohio State football game yesterday, which is what, for me?—marks the beginning of the fall season—so I guess there's that—even though it sure feels like the heart of summer, still—though pretty nice out—nice summer day! (Though, for sure, no one pays any attention to that first day of fall September 21 or so thing.)

Anyway, more on this subject of school starting, college, etc.—on my way over here (I'm still at Ma Fischer's, eating a Country Skillet). I stopped at Beans & Barley to buy some stuff at the store—I considered eating at the cafe, but I was looking at that counter, where I'd sit (being alone) and decided I didn't want to sit on those fucking tall aluminum stool seats—I hate those! Anyway, I was buying deodorant and soap, since they have a good selection of stuff like that—and I was just looking at the products—like various food, “ethnic” foods, hot sauce, and thinking, if you lived in a small college town, this store might be the only place to buy stuff like this—but you'd be really happy that it existed! And this made me think about that feeling of moving somewhere new—and then going about finding the places in town where you can buy the groceries you want. Is there a co-op? Small, privately owned markets? Etc. As well as movies, and everything. And how this was the joy of moving places like Columbus, Kent, New York, Cleveland, Iowa City, Seattle, Portland, and Milwaukee. And how I'd like to do it again sometime. But not sure where. Plus, I feel like I'd like to move to a small college town—but where?