Pre de Provence – Almond (Horseshoe)

“Lotsa Luck”

I've liked Pre de Provence soap for a long time, going back several decades, when I realized, yes, it was more expensive than a bar of Ivory, but it lasted a long time—kind of a ridiculously long time, by comparison—so it was actually cheaper than cheap soap, if you worked that in. At some point they seemed to go nuts and start making more and more scents—alright with me. I bought this smallish, almond scented soap because it was the only time I saw their soap in anything other than rectangular bar shape (though I've since seen some square, round, and heart-shaped)—it's molded with a horse head profile relief inside of a horseshoe frame. It's kind of overly cute and classic looking at once. I suppose they intended it as a gift—or maybe a prototype, experiment—I don't know. I have no idea why you would associate almond with horses. Anyway, as small as it was, it lasted a good long time—no surprise there. The almond scent was very subtle and pleasing. I potentially have a problem with almond scent—anything reminding me of Cherry Coke or toilet bowl cleaner—that overpowering, artificial almond smell—that's nasty. This soap, however, was lovely. Just a pleasure from beginning to end. Did it bring me good luck? I don't really believe in that stuff, but why not.

Soap Review No. 46