Good Soap – Cucumber

“Cuke Box Saturday Night”

I guess I'm kind of surprised about how much I loved this soap. It's dirt cheap at Whole Foods—and it's only sold at Whole Foods—I guess it's the Alaffia brand—and I like their stuff. This Good Soap—they have 16 flavors—sixteen!—like “Sixteen Reasons”—the Connie Stevens song. This is the soap they have big displays of, and it's not wrapped, so you at least feel good about not putting packaging in the landfill—plus sometimes it's on sale so it's practically free. I never expect much—I've gotten a few in the distant past that were fine, but kind of boring—though the strawberry seemed really strawberry-ish—with seeds? Is that right? Maybe I imagined that—but I did remember it kind of being like bathing with a strawberry ice cream soda—a little weird of an image, but it works for me. Anyway, this cucumber one is very, very pleasant—the cucumber scent is kind of sweet but still manages to be very fresh, not cloying, not at all gross—but definitely cucumber! Anyway, I really didn't expect too much from this cucumber scent, or really know why I bought it—it was spur-of-the-moment—but it ended up being just the loveliest summer soap—very surprisingly fresh and compelling—and a really attractive pale green color.

Soap Review No. 45