Thursday 19 May 2016

I'm at Jalisco's on North Ave., finally trying out the $7.99 lunch buffet—if it was $4.99, okay—or if it was better—or if you were going to eat a real lot. But frankly, it's pretty gross. Well, that's what I get, coming by mid-afternoon—of course the shit has been sitting there. (Idea: Buffets should get cheaper the later it gets!) The good thing is, the guy working is really nice—and there are three booths near me with two women each—so it's actually a really nice atmosphere for being 3:30 on a Thursday—so that's a plus... AND, the guy brought me extra napkins without me asking—and that's a serious extra star—in the Michelin Guide.

Anyway, I'm pretty depressed today. I'm going to a movie at Downer Theater in a bit. Not excited about it. I'm trying to give away my TV on Craigslist—got two replies already—so that's promising.