Friday 5 August 2016

I'm at Maxfield's Pancake House on Friday—I felt crappy all morning—but once I started riding my bike I felt good. What does that say? Ride bike more! I got up at 6 or so—read a little—then finished reading Chris's script, which he sent me a few days ago—and by 10am I was ready to get out of the apartment! So it was 2 hours of reading “Hampton” script and maybe 2 hours of my own stuff, which was maybe eating cereal and going to the bathroom—washing dishes. But I only read for like ½ hour—a book—where does the time go? The thing that's kind of messed up is—I feel like all the stuff I have to do for Chris really adds up—go to the office, find something, send mail, stuff like the script reading (though it doesn't come up often, it's actually a lot of hours) and then REX stuff where I'm just working on my own. All this stuff just adds up, and sometimes I think I should just get a regular job—but that's not so easy—and could actually be worse, too. Well, these are the problems, on and on. The one thing to make me feel better is to make something.