May Memoir Memo

Contrary to what might seem evident, I don't automatically post/publish everything I write down, whether in a fit of inspiration, despair, or boredom. I wrote a memo for April, but looking at it now I'm glad I didn't post it—it's depressing. I proclaimed May as “Memoir May” in order to try to get back to typing and posting entries from my “memoir project”—which is a chronological survey of writing from journals and other sources, originating from three different points in time: 2016, 1996, and 1972. I liked the idea that these ongoing typed journals, posted in “blog” format, were from periods of 2, 20, and 40 years ago. Of course, time marches on, and rather than me catching up, it catches up to me. I was trying to keep up with the posting of these things to coincide with the season of the year we are in at the time, but have failed to do that. Hey, it was a rough winter—the ol' one two punch of 40 hour work week, 40 below zero weather. One thing that's interesting, though (quite by chance) is the last post (at press time) for both Memoir (now in 1981) and No Memory (now in 2016) were both October 7. I'm sure there's no conspiracy there, and that's probably not even interesting to anyone but me—but I can't help but think there's something signifiant about that date. If you're reading this, and that's your birthday, contact me by email (see contact page) and you'll be entered in a drawing for the Grand Prize (some restrictions may apply). Anyway, I'm going to really try to start posting these with greater frequency (especially this month)—so, yeah, we'll see. I don't really know if there is much interest in reading these by anyone but myself, but at the very least, believe me, it's a lot less painful to read my cleaned up and typed versions of journals than my handwritten ones! As it stands, today, here is where we're at, in the past: Notebook Journals (which are posted on a long-running blog, external to this website)—about 20 and half years ago (not long enough ago not to be embarrassed by it). No Memory (recent enough to be profoundly embarrassed by it)—about 2 and half years ago. And finally, Memoir (long ago enough to be somewhat disconnected, though still embarrassed)—37 and half years ago. If that's not exciting to you, you might need to re-examine your priorities!

Randy Russell, 7 May 2019