Shugar Soapworks - Oatmeal & Coconut

“Alien Brain”

I tried out this soap while I was visiting my brother in Ohio, so I didn't use it from the beginning of the bar, but that's okay. It's something I'd like to do more of, trying other peoples' soap—but that would mean not only vising people more—and no one is inviting me—and also taking a shower or a bath at their house (because you really need to take a shower or a bath to really get the essence of a soap). And definitely no one is inviting me over to take a shower or a bath. I don't know if the name “Shugar” is someone's real name, or it's a cute name for the company (sugar with an “h”). I believe we saw some of this at the dollar store, and the packaging makes it look like a cheaper soap—not real inspired packaging—and it was inexpensive at the dollar store—but it's not a super cheap soap—it's made in California (since 1969!), supposedly triple-milled, and made with all plant-based ingredients—so I'm wagering that this—as far as value goes—might be way up there.

The bar is actually pretty huge, and I'm not sure how long this one was going when I used it, but last I checked there was no soap that grows while you use it, so I'm guessing it was even bigger when it was new. The color is a mild, innocuous beige—that, coupled with the shape and size of this partially used bar, for some reason made me think of durian—so that was a little creepy. Is there a durian soap out there? (Of course there is.) There must be, though I don't know if I'm ready for that. Anyway, there is something about the fruit of a durian, visually, that creeps me out—like it reminds me of a dissected brain, or a fetal pig or something. I don't know what it is—and it's not really fair of me to bring that association here (not fair to durian, and definitely not to this soap). The soap has a mild, pleasant smell—I may or may not have guessed coconut, had I not known. Something about oatmeal soap bugs me, too—for no good reason. I'd really rather if it was just oat soap, like made from oats, but oatmeal makes me think of cooked oatmeal, which is kind of slimy in texture—not something I'd think of washing with. Soap based on foods is okay, of course, but certain foods, like say, macaroni and cheese soap—no. So overall, I'm all for this soap, but probably won't be buying any for myself anytime soon. There are just too many good choices yet to try. Now if I can only get invited to bathe at someones house who has some really questionable (or really expensive) soap, that would be ideal.

Soap Review No. 11