Brown Cube

“The Mars”

This soap has the exact shape and weight of a square brick, which is like the old bricks that were more square and less rectangular, for some reason. It occurred to me that maybe it is an actual brick—are some old bricks usable as soap? (I wouldn't think so, because wouldn't they melt in the rain?) When wet, it does get soapy, but has a very subtle (or no) smell. The interesting thing, though, is when wet some words form on it—it looks like: “SAVON DE MARS”—and then some more letters, I think, but it's obscure. Could it be from Mars? (I am thinking the time is not far off when we will bring some minerals back from Mars, some of which will indeed be used as very expensive soap.) Most likely, though, I think, is that this soap is totally haunted—and this is some dead, French trapper's name.

Soap Review No. 2