Monday 26 September 2016

I'm at the Bay View Family Restaurant—or what is it called—Midwest Diner, I guess—I haven't been here since when that one waitress made me feel weird, like she hated me for some reason—though I probably was or may have been just being paranoid, so really that's not fair—but it's kind of far away, too—really it's not far—but that stretch of 1st Street is just gruesome. I'm having 2 eggs and homefries with onions—it's got to be my favorite breakfast in a diner—it's very nostalgic—the smell—maybe because I got onions on it—and it reminds me of my earliest diner experience in Ohio—when I was in my 20s—so just for that it's worth coming here. I should always get onions on my potatoes if they will do it.

Anyway, I'm on my way to get my bike, over at Sara Z's house. I went to her birthday party yesterday—it was fun. Left my bike because it was raining.