Thursday 24 March 2016

I'm at the Bollywood Grill on Thursday afternoon—late in March—it's raining out—non-stop, since yesterday—and windy—not so cold, but it might snow—hopefully! Anyway, I had a weird day so far—I had to go over to the social services office—not something I like to do—to report my income and where I live (proof of residence—which the woman in the Plaza office won't give me—for some reason!)—and what's depressing is my income has gone up so now I'll probably get no food stamps or way less—I might even have to pay for insurance—I'll see how it all comes together—anyway—I need another source of income!

Then I went to the office—I got mail, and the bank—got totally soaked in the rain. But anyway—now, warm, had a bath, Indian food—and I'm going to write about the “Iris” part of my new novel, K2, in the front of this notebook! And now it's totally snowing out!

(Note: from here I go onto a lot of notes for my in-progress novel, Iris, but I'm not including them here; it's all fragmented notes and “shop-talk.”)