Tuesday 5 January 2016

I'm back in Milwaukee—and I'm at Benji's! This place is the best. I kind of got down on it when I lived in Milwaukee before—when I liked Irina's Hoppel Poppel better than Benji's—but Irina's is gone—this place has a much better atmosphere, anyway—it's a diner. It's a deli—it's been around forever—it has a good feeling. No TV or music (at least today)—a huge plus. I guess I was upset after they remodeled it—it definitely went downhill in how it looked—remodeled for the worse—but now I've forgotten the old look and the new has gotten old—and it's visually pleasing—a diner—booths, tables, counter—good counter. Since coming here with Brent I realized what is the best breakfast—it's Super Hoppel Poppel—but a half order. It's the perfect size and about $8—plus, today, major waitress crush, or at least potentially—well, I've never seen her before and she's interesting—well, they are always good here, actually—and everyone working here is cool—never saw this woman, and she's a little older—closer to my age—can't get a crush on 20 year olds! But maybe it's time to rethink this whole waitress thing—I mean, formally—in something I'm writing—maybe it's fucked up... or maybe it's fucked up thinking it's fucked up.

Anyway—my trip to Sandusky was long—a long visit—but fun—it went too fast. The worst thing, as usual, was no exercise—nowhere to walk—long walk—around there! Plus, too cold. I already feel better walking from the train to Roy's house (cat sitting) and home. I was all worried about the stupid dentist appointment this morning (always anxiety about dentist!)—and getting there—but it was a nice hour and 15 minute walk up Humboldt (except for the part on Capitol, which sucks!) (and ice, occasionally). But got there, filled out shit—then they said (another subject) my health insurance was no more! So now I have to find out if my health insurance is fucked or they are fucked and back to square one!