Where to Drink Coffee

Where to Drink Coffee by Liz Clayton and Avidan Ross (2017) This is one of those Phaidon guidebooks (Where to Eat Pizza, etc.)—the idea of which are kind of absurd, but I'd love to own all of—fun to look through, and perhaps consult before traveling somewhere. With this coffee one I, of course, looked up the cities I was familiar with and found it to be pretty much what I'd expect. I'm sure it's well-researched and smart, but seeing how the scope is global—kind of insane, because... the world is actually a pretty big place. As a sunrise to sunset coffee drinker, if I dedicated myself to merely the Milwaukee area, and was able to do that as a job—I might be able to be pretty thorough—but I'd still always be one coffee shop away from being complete. Which is actually a comforting thought. Anyway, I came across this book in an odd way. I was looking at this old zine called Wind-Up Butter-Cow, a one time thing all about Ohio, but I think centered on music scenes. It was put out by Liz Clayton, who I don't know. It's a great zine—I should re-read it and review it, here—I will! Anyway, remembering it led me to looking up the Liz Claytons of the worlds online, and then I saw this book. Is it the same person? I don't know—but unless I decide to write to her (or them) or otherwise make an acquaintance, I guess it doesn't really matter. Anyway, coffee is a ridiculously complex subject, and the world is big, so this book is impressive.