Abandoned Books - February 2017

Every so often I should offer an explanation (inquiring minds want to know!) about books I've started reading and abandoned. It's not something I feel at all bad about—and sometimes intend to go back to the book—but since they were on my reading list, I feel like mentioning them. The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory (2015) by John Seabrook is promising, but just too vast and detailed for me to want to read all of right now (I'm not good at “skimming” or reading parts of books). The same is true for Ten Restaurants That Changed America (2016) by Paul Freedman, which is a massive history of these ten restaurants (the book is the size and weight of a cinder block). It would (will eventually?) take me a year to get through. It's an especially great resource if you're interested in one of the restaurants profiled—I may pick it up again just for the Howard Johnson's section. I was reading At the Earth's Core (1914) by Edgar Rice Burroughs for possible inspiration for my novel, Frisland (in progress) but it was just way too bizarre. I'm not going to go into details, but believe me—or maybe read it!