620 Express (Revisited)

For your information (see post titled: 620 Express, June 2016. Or not) what 620 really means is TIME TRAVEL, believe it or else. Time travel is not only possible, it's essential. Seeing how today is the date (6/20) and is also the Summer Solstice, I am assuming it's a good time to change around the website of RSPEEN.COM where you ideally are reading this (though, who knows, these days). And I am also using this occasion to make some really big announcements, which I'll do here, right now. First I'd like to welcome Richard Skiller to the RSpeen Team (more on that later, once the business cards get printed, and by the way, I'm saying “team” ironically, because I think everyone who uses the term “team” for anything not a sports team is reprehensible, unless they're using it ironically, and then they're just a moron).

Also, I'm going to move the soap reviews to their own page and then present them one at a time, either new reviews, or revised ones. I'm sure all the binge soap review readers out there have had enough time to binge read the soap reviews while they were on the main page. Also, I know that I like to see a different picture, once in awhile, when I look at this website, so starting today we are celebrating the celebration of summer reading, and I hope everyone joins me (us).

And the biggest news of all is that today (and again, the Solstice is a fine time to start a new project) is the first day of new writing project—or should we just come out and say it—a novel—and hopefully that's not a dirty word to you—though it may be after you get a healthy exposure to this new writing project—a novel—by R. Speen. The title is, will be, and was: The Golden Pineapple. If you haven't figured it out by now (maybe you need to re-read it) it's about time travel. Of course, it's about much more than that, and not about time travel at all, but you know. And you can find it right here, on rspeen.com, just look at the menu at the top of the page, or tap on the three little lines top left, if you're reading on a phone device, and then just keep tapping to navigate, keep navigating, and that's exactly what R. Speen will be doing, as well, navigating, tapping, tapping, tapping.

Randy Russell, June 20, 2017