Doughnut Day

There are a billion people in the world (probably more, but we can't even process a number that big) but I only know maybe 100 of them. Still, that's a lot of people, 100. And as it turns out, today was National Doughnut Day, but I didn't find out until way later, and by then it was too late. Of course, as soon as I heard about it I started seeing stuff everywhere, all over the internet, where to get your free doughnut and all that. Which got me thinking, do people really care about the free doughnut? How much do they cost, anyway? Do they not usually buy them, but then do on this day, not because they're free, but because it's an event? Anyway, the thing that got me was that no one told me. Not one of these 100 friends thought, Oh, I should mention that. Doughnut Day. But then I started thinking, Maybe no one mentioned it because I had given them my completed novel, The Doughnuts, and they either haven't read it, or have, and don't like it, and the mention of doughnuts therefore becomes awkward. Best not to even bring up doughnuts! Or maybe they know I'm Gluten Intolerant and can't eat doughnuts anyway, so what's the point?