I'm painfully aware of the date, 4/20, and always make a joke about it, and even go on and on sometimes, even though I haven't smoked marijuana since 1989, and am not inclined to return to it any time soon (even then, I wasn't much into it).

Anyway, this is my first observation on this day, which happens to be the day I'm first creating this "blog" or "online journal" for my new website, which I'm working on right now, with quite a lot of impatience and frustration. Not that it's that hard, and in fact seems fairly easy, it's just that there is a lot to it, and I'm generally not fond of spending too much time tinkering around with anything technical, from computers to automobiles to musical compositions. Fiction writing is what I'm interested in; that's what I want to spend my time tinkering with. But for some reason it seems we have to all be good at all the things we're not good at.

I'm not even sure what sense it makes to have some kind of blog on this new website, but if nothing else, this might be a good place for me to complain about leaf blowers.