Cup & Saucer Hawthorne Portland OR 8/26/11

There are like four Cup & Saucer's in Portland, which always makes me a little less excited about a place, but this one was in the right place at the right time and it was everything I want in a breakfast diner plus more. We stopped in fairly early on a weekday and it wasn't too crowded and the waiter was excellent. I know places tend to get really busy on the weekend, especially around the unimaginative brunch hour, so one should use one's head and either go early or expect to wait. It's just mathematics.

Biscuits and gravy was excellent, as were the potatoes, and one of the scrambles. I was with one of those gluten-free women I'm always getting mixed up with and she was ecstatic at being able to get gluten-free toast with breakfast. After all these years of having to settle for like three-fourths of a breakfast at regular price, to be able to get your rightful toast, she said, was like suddenly being able to vote, or drink, or read Dostoyevsky.

The bathroom was also clean and nice, which to me is very important when that's where you're starting the day, breaking your fast, having your first coffee, and bidding farewell to yesterday's gastro-intestinal memories, if you catch my drift.