“My Own Worst Enemy” Lit

I heard this song recently at a restaurant—notable because it was the loudest I've ever hard a song played at a restaurant. All of the music was too loud for dining, but then this one was, for some odd reason, twice as loud. Maybe the staff liked it, or who knows. I asked my phone what it was, and made a note of it, and then it occurred to me to check a decibel meter app for how loud it was—almost 90 dB—which the internet tells me is the volume of a lawnmower—and as you know, professional lawnmowers now wear hearing protection. The song is from 1999, which makes it ancient. The weird thing is that it sounds to me like a song that could have come out last week—which either shows you how much I know about popular music, or says something about popular music, or both. It was the band's biggest hit—according to the internet—it was a hit song. The band is called Lit, and they've been around for a couple of decades, and this is the first time I've heard of them! This is probably not the first time I've heard the song—I just hear music like this all the time and ignore it. It's loud, energetic, driving, slick, aggressive, post-punk, grunge influenced, metal influenced pop, guitar oriented, chorus and verse—and I'm not going to bother with the lyrics because I'd have to look them up and I'm sure it's about love problems. I feel like this is music that's just always going to be around, for the rest of my life. Could I—if I tried really hard—learn to like it? No, I could not.