“You Still Believe in Me” The Beach Boys

The reason I love random song selection (by whatever means) is because I would never have focused on the second song off Pet Sounds. As much as I try, I'm not a huge fan of the record, though I do appreciate it, like, intellectually. This song is by Brian Wilson, with co-writer Tony Asher—a collaboration that strikes me as weird, at least as far as lyrics go on this song, since it's pretty raw and personal. It's one of those songs that addresses “you”—and if “you” is a lover, this one is kind of pathetic—like asking forgiveness for neglect or abuse. Though if the “you” is God, it's actually kind of beautiful. Odd how that makes such a difference. While I love how a song this short manages to end like three times, I will never, and I don't think ever, come around to the harpsichord. That's just me. The internet says Paul McCartney loved this song—not surprising since it sounds like it could be a Beatles song. I'm sure I could read about this for the rest of my Saturday, but why didn't Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson ever get together—I mean in a big way? Hey, maybe it's still possible, they're only in their seventies—it's crazy, I never knew this, they were born within two days of each other! Both still out there on some kind of tour—I don't know how they do it. I guess that's how they pay the big bills, but being on tour sounds like not being in the studio, not being in your own kitchen, not being in your own bed. I couldn't even imagine it when I was in my twenties.