Garbage Memo – October 9, 1981 – Dag Nabbit, Jimmy Ego, Randy

LICK GROIN! I'LL BELCH IN YER FACE, YOU ASSHOLE CLIT-SNIFF! HOY HOY HOLY! I be gotten almost 6 dollars so far to-day! Ah Ha. Now is time to be eating and chewing up the licorice root. It's almost 3:00 and we're not even drunk yet! Get on the horn! We must print up flyers and put up same. NOTE: Find better place for the store sign... no-one looks at bicycles. Perhaps we should tie it to the foot of a LOON? Mayhaps the Octoberfest will get people drunk enough to stumble up and BUY something? Animal-part soup? YES YES be active, now... shit. No customer, they be wanting tattoo. Brad, get the shit-hell IN here.

I am here you stupid fucker! Bombs are falling from dive bomber mallards, WATCH OUT! OH SHIT, I'M HIT! I NEED BEER. I NEED BEER. I NEED BEER. I NEED BEER. Keith and Randall went out to put up Garbage fliers. I, Ego, be left in charge of the store, and I can't even type worth a shit. There be some weird fucker in here now, two girls just left. They looked like Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders (heavy breathing by your humble narrator, sigh). The weird fucker just left. Nobody be buying anything from me yet. I took the last #6 home brew out of the refrigerator, henceforth I shall consume it. Yum yum. It's real good! I be quit this typing and be drinking. WOWEE ZOWEE hearth throb it's Arion.

Hi, this is Randell and I am now much better. I didn't eat all day and felt like shit. Drank Jerry's coffee and speeded like a bitch, hoo and chewed licorice root and extreme elation ahh elation and painted the new sign and Keith mad the new flyer and we ran around two hours talking to people puttin' em up And we got back and felt like SHIT, uuuhhh so we went to Jerry's and drank chamomile tea whoooo now I can drink and maybe had enough energy for tonight. Hope I remember it.