Garbage Memo – October 4, 1981 – Toad

Ah yes Burger Chef and Jeff and Jeff once again... Tommy screams no, but majority rules, so Tommy can go fuck himself. Krakus beer and cloveoil, the night has just begun. LAST WEEK HE SCORED THREE TOUCHDOWNS FOR THE OTHER TEAM, OTHER TEAM, OTHER TEAM, OTHER TEAM. THERE ARE many many people here. Hey isn't Big Wow having a party? Yes, Depeyster, right? Yeah. 804 Depeyster. I was there the other night. What the fuck let's go to the party at Big Wow's. We are off, about seventy-five of us real mean motherfuckers, and one or two real terds. Ah 400 Depeyster, 500 Depeyster, can't be far now... Wholy street signs Batman it's a dead end. No problem we just go around... he where's Heidi? Man we are fucking walking around in circles... Perplexing Pickles... Fuck shit piss tits and dicks lets go to the Models house... they know... yeah they know... hey where's Al? Look it's Bill Farrell, but heez different (microdot perhaps?) Heez like like a dying Hyeena in heat. Man... people are running all over the Model mansion... Good man that Ferrett for he says the Big Wow shindig's near University Plaza... What the fuck, we are off wham. It seems like about eight years but, yes shit I see cars, I hear music, and I smell beer, this is it, fuck I feel like Amerigo Vespuchie, damn we made it. Hey looks like quite a few people here... hmmmm. Gimmie some of that beer. Thanks. Oh no we forgot the Burger Chef and Jeff tape, but titties and cunts we don't need it 'cause like we know it I mean we “know” it. NOOOOOOOOOO NOT THAT TIGHT. Stick around hey where are you going? I'm okay because Randy just assigned me an industrial noise... chuga-chugga—Hey where you going Mr. Longhair, more drugs okay... Look over there, free concert... why it's Randy on the drums, seems Keith and J.Ego have guitars, I can't see them, but somehow I can hear them, well fuck, we're the only ones here now, tough crackers I guess, man cause I'm gonna dance. Well we'll just keep this going... Now somebody just announced we won this fucking war, and the hungry bones are starting to act up... hmm I feel like pizza (funny I don't look like pizza). On the road once again destination DOMINOES... where people are harassed by the meanest cops in the county... where you can get a free piece of pizza if you beg gude enough... where mushrooms grow from the floor. Ego and Strange eat pizza stave... only those of us with TRUE GRIT are around now... Holy shit man the Models house (AKA EGG HEAVEN)... gude place to sleep yes sleep... but you just can't sleep when people are running about the house with pans full of eggs... ah things are beginning to slow... nono no... Randy has arrived with many empty pizza boxes in hand... he says that he lost his $20 knife, but then he found it in a pile of leaves, well fuck good for him... I'm sleeping now, there is a cat named spot on top of me, but that's another story entirely.