Garbage Memo – October 7, 1981 – Dag Nabbit

[Editor's Note: There may be one or two people out there (as opposed to the three or four who are reading this) who are interested in reading the entire, un-edited Garbage Memo, but I'm not even sure if I am, at this point, much less deciphering and typing it. I just have to accept that at this point in time (1981) the first half of the year I had NO surviving journal material, and this second half, too much.

So what I'm going to do, so as not to get hopelessly bogged down, is read through and reproduce here that which I find most interesting. I'm also going to try to find some writing from my earliest zine (Fuct magazine) and possibly reproduce some of that, when relevant.]

Last night was the F-Models farewell appearance, for awhile anyway. Aw, Hell, we be drunk, but there ain't no three cases, only one and hidden secret six-pack that Ego won't break out, bastard son of a bitch! I WANT TO DRINK! UNDERSTAND??? Wait till Iggy hears what we did to the fucking F-Models single... Shit, we put the turntable in neutral and fucked with the speed manually... Nobody Loves Me was OK, but Russian Socks was totally out of it; speeded it up so that it sounded almost normal. Like when they play it live. But on the record it's soooo fuckin sloooow.... sounded good when Randy fucked with it; Iggy's going to kill us when he hears the tape. Maybe not, but after all, it IS his song. Bill won't care at all, shit; they mixed him all the way off the single anyway.

OH GOOD! Brad just broke out the Molson's Ale (Red Label) and it looks like the weekend of of to a good start …. And it's only Wednesday.... GOD! Dare I say it? Let us go downtown? Now that we are properly lubricated. Well, shit; who's playing? OTIS TROTTER AND THE BEE GEE's? Whoop shit. HA HA AH HO! Let us be of and become FATALITIES! Yes, of course let us ROT in the streets and become annoyance/hassle for the sanitation dept. Anoyance? Anoiance? Shit hell, where's the DICTIONARY? My diction is failing GREATLY. Tom? Tom? How did your speech on drunkenness go? Did you prevail? Dud yo fuck up MASSIVELY like a LOON? I desperately wait/await your reply. Woofa Woofa Woofa Woofa... Drunkenness does even exist in GREAT QUANTITIES. I quit, can maintain no longer... HELP! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! eat me...