Garbage Memo – October 3, 1981 – Randy

HI, I am Randy and I am going to attempt to relate the events of last night for you, in our daily log, yes. WELL WELL WELL. I didn't drink that much so I can remember real good. Most of us had to pay $2.50 to get into JB's but so ahh... I don't care because it is always worth it and anyway we can get in free much and get pitchers cheap.

So the Tormentor's drummer was late in arriving and they started out with “Club Nowhere” then “Funtime” (that being my favorite Tormentor song, even tho it is slo, you kno) then “Chop Off My Head” a Johnny Phlegm song. I could tell you all their songs, but then guitar was playing lame leads on the last song (“Club Nowhere” again), Doug, you know, and the next thing I guess his guitar hit Keith in the head, and then Keith hits this guy in the ass with his foot and then Doug is smashing his guitar and I was yelling goooood. This was what I was waiting for, you know. Tension, conflict. Why I like this band, plus Keith plays neat guitar, Ron is a good singer, and especially J. Christ is the Jesus of COOL. I really miss Jimi imiJ though.

WELL Doug's guitar be fucked. Keith cut his hand. Drums kicked over. They're done and we anxiously await the next band and it was four little kids and they were pretty good and the little black kid with glasses guitar player sounds real neat.

So then there's this rockabilly band... no education tonight, sorry, money to make, you know, money to make. I heard the dB's lost money on the whole deal Thursday... great, wonderful. I did not hear the Sodbusters but I did see them, but you have to hear them. High point for me: Me and Jimmy went walking around with our hands up our sleeves, saying HI, we're the Band Without Hands... we even asked bartender-man for a beer because we were in the Bandwithouthands. He did not cooperate.

A thought: Hey, if every night at JB's or etc. you know, with people, be getting drunk, is getting better than the last one, like I mean... If every night gets better than the last one then when does it stop, I mean how far can we go, I mean, somebody's going to get hurt and no one FUCKING CARES. I mean like how long can this go on?!