Garbage Memo – October 1, 1981 – Dag Nabbit

Memo: NO, I don't really give a flying WANG if I eat Pot Luck Supper with the dB's. Shit, I don't even know the fuckers. It might be different if I'd at least heard the damn vine-all, but well, I was waiting for a free one, and anyway, shit hell—I'm not hungry I had DAMN BEINGS for lunch and I don't care for Vegetarian Lasagna and well.... Besides, I'd rather be drunk than in a house full of fucking strangers that/who play Godknows what kinda crap gimmie another Wiedemann's!

Tom will like this ALOT it's GOOD GOOB GOO go damn fuck hell shit clit



Yes and even home-made vegitarius lasignu. BEENS BEENS BEANS???????

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, I wish I was drunker than this. Home-Brew #7 & 6 really kick ass but I drink not for I have the integrit of EEEEE. You know of course becourse because here sit I doing creative Fuck-all and EVEN hitting shit I mean SHIFT button at proper time and sequence even and trying like fuck to spel words right but fuck I'm gitten DRUNK ann I gotta work the door for the fuckin db's 2nite an shit they better fuckin pay me more than shit ass 5 dollars HELL, because did I not forfeit entire db's POT LUCK dinero? I will need at least 10 or twelve bucks for gas, not that I have a car or even be mowing lawn, but I may wish to Molotav a few cocktails out this window at a few of the several Assholes which inhabit these very streets of Kent.

Johnny Phlegm seems to have applied for a job at fucking PERKINS today. Might as well, he practically lives there now. Kant understand it, coffee sucks, bad food, lousy prices, must be THE ATMOSPHERE.... Good luck, shithead, you'll never make it. Where be all my goob buddy and pal? Out sipping Perrier with LIME and snorfing coocain and playing KAZOOS w/the db's no doubt. WHOOPIEE! CAN I SEE YOUR I.D? WHAT? NO I.D? WELL, SHIT HELL FUCK OFF AND BRIBE MEE. You think I can't take a bribe? Fuck I be only human.... kind of.... Biker jus came in with his lady an kid and wanted a fucking TATTOO make note: Obtain Tattoo needles and ink of all hues. Will show these fuckers what BIG MISTAKE they be making! HOO HA!! Think of it... writing V-NERVZ and other shit, all about their arms and CHESTS, never to be removed for the rest of their LIVES. Great fun. What flipps me out is that he thought I looked like a Tattoo Artist., which is strange indeed... is there something wrong with me or is he just a mindless fuck on angeldust? I will opt for the latter.

EAT FUCK DAMN SHIT GANG OF FOUR SHIT LES GO TA JB'S & SEE THE FUCKIN DB'S SET UP THEIR FUCKING EQUIPMENT AND SHIT IN THE BATHROOMS WITH NO TOILET PAPER EVER EVEN. You know it. (Brett don't like viky frosh) If we can talk to one guy that's alright, then fuck, we might get a db's interview yet; but fuck, (Butt Fuck?) who in this armpit of a town could give a flying shit except possible the few but many on the guest list? YACHT CLUB! YACHT CLUB! Hoo ha shit damn (!) woof. Could I be feeling the alcohol? Perhumps I should stop before things get too out of halb.