Dreams – 1-2-78

I was walking down a street in our town towards our house. All I see on the side of the once quiet street are new streets opening up. This is because the town is growing. I am standing on one side of a street, looking across. I do not recognize our house because it is not there. We had moved to an apartment in one of the old buildings I see. Someone shows me into the apartment. I go out later and see a sign on the chimney that says The End. As I am standing outside I get some candy from the store across the street and start eating it. Then I watch in amazement as some kids run up and beat the shit out of a parking meter and take the money. They are buying candy with the money when the police come and take them and me to jail. Dad comes down and I am trying to explain, and I notice I am eating candy and it looks suspicious.

“The way to enjoy fishing is to pretend you are Joe Fisherman.”

I was at school and I was in the basement and had my stereo down there. I was on my way to first period class when I remembered I left my stereo on, and I had to run down the halls to the basement and back to get there on time. (This dream was on the same night I left my stereo on all night.)

We are at a concert at Cleveland Stadium. It is Stephen Stills and then Herbie Hancock. I am planning on playing bass for Herbie. About a half hour before the concert starts, Seiler gets up and yells urgently something about some electrical circuits, and someone in the audience believes him and pulls out a plug and the music playing goes off. Up comes a private dick and he takes Seiler and Ag off to jail. I leave later to try to convince him to let them out, and I end up going home, then my mom drives me back, I get them out, we go to the concert and have missed Stills.