Sunday, January 8, 1978

Some other people also came over. First Marty, Curt, and Kevin B___ came over and brought some Millers. I was told Curtis also took two 714's, once while he was there. He was trying to play ping pong with Rick and he kept falling over. He completely wiped out a couple of tables. Mike's cousin Don, and Matt also came. Don ate a cigar, and they both looked at Hustler. Geisler drove over with Dave B___, Kim K___, Connie K___, and Pete G___. They were drinking Labatt's. B___ went in the bathroom and puked in the sink and Mike made him wash it out with his hands. People were driving Geisler's car all over, and he ended up staying all hight, as did Hahn, who came at about 1:30. We didn't go to sleep until very late, Ag left at 3:30, I went to sleep upstairs at 4. At 5, still not asleep, Geisler, Kidd, Fresch, and Hahn drove to Frisch's for breakfast. I woke up at 10 and could not talk because of all the singing I was doing during “The Real Me.”