Thursday, January 5, 1978

Another form of preparation was the refreshments we had in stock. First and most important we had a lot of good beer. We got all returnable bottles in fact. Mike got a case of Rolling Rock, then I got a case of Stroh's, and then me and Ag and Kidd went and got a case of Miller. For himself, Ag bought 13 dollars worth of wine, all Riunite: a magnum of Lambrusco, two fifths of Rosato, and a fifth of Bianco. Jones also bought a fifth of wine and so did Parker. Losey bought an eight-pack of little Genesee Cream Ales. We also had quite a bit to eat, in all we devoured at least: 2 bottles of raw mushrooms, a giant cheese ball, a giant salami, various chips, dips, and Doritos, and a box of No-Doz.