Monday, December 19, 1977

Me: Why did you decide to give me your location and grant me an interview? UO: I didn't. Me: How about the telegram you sent me? UO: What telegram. Me: Well, let me ask you a few questions. Why did you decide to go underground? UO: I don't know. The sun hurts my eyes lately. Me: What do you eat down here, does someone bring you food? UO: What? Me: What do you eat? UO: I don't eat. Me: You don't eat? Why not? UO: Because I don't have any food down here. Anyway, I really don't much get into eating. It's like when... Me: Yes? UO: What? Me: You were saying? UO: Who are you? — The rest of the interview was fruitless (I had to explain again who I was) but I managed to get one story out of him, if (under the conditions) that I wouldn't print it. But I am a liar and the story is as follows: